General Property cleaning maintanace, weekly / monthly

p-generalJust had a renovation? Moved offices? Upgraded your office space? Premises require a really deep clean?

Febas can offer builders, After-Builders and Construction Cleaning Services.specialises in after build cleans using chemical free, environmentally safe products and high tech methods. Due to the bio nature of our cleaning products you will not have the issues around using dangerous chemicals, such as strong smell or toxins. Our products clean without harming the Febas-system and are completely non-hazardous. We can remove dust, brick dust and debris as part of our service. We can turn your premises around so they are sparkling and ready for use.

We can maintained your property cleaning activities weekly or monthly depending on your chose and will we always leave your premises perfectly clean as expected.

Febas offer flexibility so that we can give you the service you need when it’s convenient for you. We can respond instantly to urgent clean up requests. We can clean anytime to make sure our clients get the best solution and value. If you tell us what you want, we will go beyond your expectations- Call us today and you will come again.